The Practicalities and Benefits of Online Occupational Therapy (SPEDcast Recap)

Educators often have questions about online occupational therapy. Is it effective? What does it look like? How can you do it? It can be difficult to visualize how OT can work online.

The simple fact is, occupational therapy is exactly the same online as it is onsite, and very little special technology or equipment is needed. Two lead occupational therapists for PresenceLearning recently discussed the ins and out of online OT for our latest SPEDcast, “Get a Grip on Online OT.”

Robyn Chu
Robyn Chu
Elizabeth Haas
Elizabeth Haas

OT Advisor to PresenceLearning Robyn Chu and OT Clinical Coordinator Elizabeth Haas discussed how quality therapy can be delivered to students online, adding flexibility to busy schedules, creating a low distraction environment, and motivating and engaging students in new ways. Examples of activities for fine, visual, and gross motor skills were shared so that audience members could see for themselves how occupational therapy looks online.

Online OT can help schools in many ways, including alleviating staffing and / or geographic challenges, managing increased caseloads (especially in the areas of ADHD, SPD, autism), and helping students meet the rigor of Common Core standards.

Three Key Takeaways:

  1. Online OT is effective for the majority of cases.
  2. Online OT enables access to OT services within the natural environment, and benefits districts in numerous other ways.
  3. An onsite paraprofessional helps students to generalize the skills that are being taught during OT sessions.

Click here to view a recording of the webinar or to download the presentation, or here to see a transcript of our online Q&A session.