Presence TeleCare Changes Name to PresenceLearning to Better Reflect their Focus on Education

Presence TeleCare, the leading provider of live online speech therapy services to K-12 students, announced today that it has changed its name to PresenceLearning (

“This new name highlights our broad commitment to special education and the growing acceptance of our live online speech therapy solution in school systems across the country,” said Jack Lynch and Clay Whitehead, co-founders of PresenceLearning. “From traditional public school districts to virtual and charter school organizations, educational administrators are discovering that PresenceLearning helps them reach more students with consistent, high-quality speech therapy at lower costs.”

Over the past year, PresenceLearning’s online therapy services have been adopted by a growing number of educational organizations, including dozens of traditional school districts and many virtual academy and charter school management groups. To date, PresenceLearning has delivered more than 10,000 speech therapy sessions, and is expected to exceed 20,000 sessions in the coming months. In the face of continuing budget challenges, as well as chronic shortages of speech language pathologists in many areas, school districts are realizing significant cost savings with PresenceLearning while also seeing better outcomes for their students.

Mike McLaughlin, superintendent of the highly-diverse John Swett Unified School District near San Francisco, CA, has relied on PresenceLearning for the past two years to address a chronic shortage of speech therapists in his district. “It’s a great service,” he said. “We’re seeing real financial benefits—PresenceLearning is saving the school district money. I really think it’s the future of support services for students.”