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According to a recent article on InformationWeek Healthcare, Tom Udall (D-Utah) plans to introduce legislation that will remove the multi-state licensing requirements for physicians who provide telehealth. Currently telehealth providers are required to be licensed in all states in which they provide services, but with this legislation, that requirement will no longer need to be met. As a way to ensure telehealth physicians meet state licensing requirements, a national database will be set-up to show all credentials and other necessary information. According to the article, multi-state licensure has been an obstacle for the past 20 years, but as telemedicine has grown, it has become a bigger problem leaving many without access to services because of the difficulties of licensure in states where the provider does not live.

It is essential that schools are able to provide specialized services to students who need them. With PresenceLearning, schools have access to cost-effective speech-language pathology services via a large network of highly-qualified speech language pathologists who work with students in a live, online environment. PresenceLearning supports this legislation and asks that you do as well. To find and contact your local senator visit: .

The Time Has Come for Speech-Language Pathology License Portability
Melissa Jakubowitz (M.A., CCC-SLP), VP of SLP Services at PresenceLearning , calls for streamlining the process for SLPs to obtain licenses to practice in multiple states.  Such multi-state licensing is necessary for SLPs who are delivering needed services via telepractice to rural and remote areas. Current licensing processes unnecessarily increase the cost of and cause delays in delivering speech-language therapy services to needy populations.

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