RECAP: Online Occupational Therapy – Really? [WEBINAR]

This past Tuesday, we hosted our first SPED Ahead webinar of the month, and it was a blast! Not only did hit capacity (don’t worry – if you signed up but weren’t able to make it, you will be receiving a recording in your inbox) , but we received great feedback and questions from attendees. Online occupational therapy  (also known as “virtual occupational therapy“) is hot topic in the education world and we were delighted to help people learn more about with our presenter Dr. Rondalyn Whitney, Phd and moderator Rosemarie Helton, a Licensed Occupational Therapist.

Online Occupational Therapy – Really?

Dr. Rondalyn Whitney kicked off the webinar with an introduction of online occupational therapy to help attendees understand the areas of need and trends for occupational therapy in K-12  schools. Dr. Whitney also provided several studies and insight and current research being conducted on the effectiveness of online therapy. To get more Dr. Whitney’s take on online occupational therapy, check this brief  Q&A we conducted with Dr. Whitney on why more schools need occupational therapy.

For the later part of the webinar, Rosey Helton, a Licensed Occupational Therapist, provided a point-of-view of an occupational therapist actually working in the field of online occupational therapy. Throughout her presentation, Rosey helped attendees learn about the technological and operational requirements for successful online occupational therapy as well as the benefits and limitations of online occupational therapy based on real-world examples. To hear (or read more) from Rosey, check out this blog post: Some Benefits of Online Occupational Therapy You May Not Know About

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Again, thank you to all the attendees who came out and supported the webinar. To watch past SPED Ahead webinars, check our entire section devoted to them on PresenceLearning.