Blueprints for Success

The special education world is constantly designing new, game-changing initiatives, legislation, research, and interventions. Yet well-intentioned, research-based initiatives can become costly mistakes if there is little incentive to change or implementation lacks fidelity. New methods are at risk without a commitment to realistic evaluation and adjustment. So how can special education leaders architect changes and build enduring practices that benefit all students?

This fall, prepare to move theory into practice as experts Dr. Howard Knoff, Dr. Jeanne Wanzek, and Dr. Carol Ann Tomlinson share lasting constructs for the perennially hot topics of school-based mental health, literacy interventions, and differentiated instruction. You will come away from these 90-minute webinars with new ideas and practical blueprints for success, so gather your colleagues around our virtual webinar drafting table and learn how you can build initiatives that deliver — and endure!