Students at an Alternative Placement School Thriving with Online Speech and Occupational Therapy

The Challenge

Easterseals Academy could not find qualified onsite speech and occupational therapists to deliver state-mandated services to its students

The Solution

Easterseals Academy turned to PresenceLearning to connect students at its Rockford, IL campus to highly qualified therapists via its teletherapy platform

The Results

PresenceLearning has helped Easterseals provide the services their students with special needs require to thrive, including students on the autism spectrum and those who are non-verbal

PresenceLearning has helped us to achieve our goals and the benefits for our students have been truly immeasurable.

Kelly Anne Ohde, Director of Communications for Easterseals Academy

Easterseals Academy’s Story

School districts contract with Easterseals Academy, which has three locations in Illinois, to provide year-round educational programs and services for students for students with an emotional disability, developmental delay, intellectual disability, or who are on the autism spectrum. Easterseals Academy, however, was having trouble finding qualified therapists locally to deliver speech-language and occupational therapy services before it implemented PresenceLearning in the 2015-16 school year.

Through PresenceLearning, Easterseals Academy was able to fill this void and students at its Rockford, IL campus have experienced great gains.

On-site support personnel work collaboratively with highly qualified online therapists from the PresenceLearning network to provide students with multiple teletherapy sessions a week via a secure, online therapy platform. Through these therapy sessions, students have been able to more quickly meet their IEP goals.

Easterseals Academy continues to use PresenceLearning to help meet its organizational goals of helping students achieve peak academic performance, increase social and vocational skills, develop an effective means of communication, and foster the acquisition of functional life skills for living independently in the community.

When we are in IEP meetings with parents, speech is now such an area of growth.

Jacque Ruch, M.Ed., LCSW, Principal of Easterseals Academy