Eureka! Big Ideas for Big Changes in SPED

Scholar, author, and speaker Dr. Lori Desautels provides valuable insight about educational neuroscience and recognition of our schools as living systems. You’ll learn how and why educators, clinicians, and administrators must care for their own brains and hearts to bring about big change.

Disability advocate, author, poet, and consultant LeDerick Horne, along with researcher Dr. Margo Izzo, inspires you to foster pride and empowerment in students with “hidden” disabilities, particularly those with ADHD, learning disabilities, autism, and emotional and behavioral disturbance.

Dr. Randy Sprick, an educational consultant, trainer and author who always surprises and delights his audiences, encourages us to grab hold of the STOIC framework, a really big idea for improving student behavior.

All three webinars are provided as free replays below and offer exceptional professional development opportunities for your entire staff at no charge.