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The Challenge

The district first needed help covering a maternity leave for speech-language services, and later needed support providing psychoeducational assessments. Hinsdale Middle High School eventually needed a part-time SLP to cover speech services

The Solution

The district implemented PresenceLearning’s live, online speech-language therapy services for the middle/high school with approximately 20 students and later expanded to using online psychoeducational assessments for middle and high school students

The Results

Students receive consistent speech-language therapy services from a highly qualified SLP, and the district’s onsite school psychologist now has the bandwidth to focus on therapy for students and other responsibilities

Our paraprofessional, case managers, teachers, and even parents have an open line of communication with our online SLP. We videoconference with her during meetings and she participates as if she’s in the room. She has made herself very accessible.

Julie Fenrich, director of special services and middle/high school special education coordinator at Hinsdale School District

The Story

Of Hinsdale School District

Hinsdale School District, located in a rural southwest New Hampshire community, serves 600 students in grades Prek-12. Since the middle/high school speech-language caseload is considered a part-time job because of its size, the district shared an onsite SLP with a neighboring district. Hinsdale School District first partnered with PresenceLearning to provide coverage for online speech-language therapy and assessments when the onsite SLP was out on maternity leave, but then continued to use the services when the onsite SLP went full-time at a neighboring district. Now in its fourth year of online speech-language services, the district’s faculty and staff, as well as families, work closely with PresenceLearning’s online SLP as she provides ongoing therapy for approximately 20 students, conducts evaluations and reevaluations, and participates in IEP meetings.
Hinsdale School District also became the first in the region to implement PresenceLearning’s online psychoeducational services. An online school psychologist from PresenceLearning conducts all psychoeducational assessments for middle or high school students. Now that the district’s onsite school psychologist is able to take on more responsibilities and conduct more ongoing therapy with students. The use of online speech-language therapy services and online psychoeducational assessments has helped the district ensure students are receiving the services they need and provide more efficiency in its special education program. Hinsdale School District’s innovative thinking and success with online therapy services resulted in its recognition in PresenceLearning’s 4th annual Awards of Excellence.

Now that an online school psychologist completes assessments for our middle and high school students, our onsite school psychologist has more time for ongoing therapy and other responsibilities.

Julie Fenrich, director of special services and middle/high school special education coordinator at Hinsdale School District

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