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Central Kansas Cooperative in Education

CKCIE provides special education services to school districts in Central Kansas

The Challenge

The CKCIE special education cooperative was experiencing a shortage of qualified speech-language pathologists

The Solution

CKCIE implemented online speech therapy using the PresenceLearning network of online providers

The Results

PresenceLearning filled the district’s void and helped students successfully meet their IEP goals

"When we were faced with SLP vacancies in our districts, we knew we needed to find another solution to avoid increasing caseloads for our existing therapists. PresenceLearning provided us with that solution and helped us fill a much-needed gap in the special education services we provide."

Mike Lowers, Director of CKCIE

The Story Of Central Kansas Cooperative in Education

Helping students from ages three to 21, Central Kansas Cooperative in Education (CKCIE) provides special education services and support staff to 12 school districts spanning more than 4,000 square miles across Central Kansas. At the beginning of the 2015-16 school year, CKCIE was experiencing a shortage of on-site SLPs. Under the leadership of Director Mike Lowers, CKCIE partnered with PresenceLearning to fill this shortage and to avoid increasing caseloads for its existing on-site SLPs. PresenceLearning, CKCIE, the districts, and primary support personnel worked hand-in-hand to make sure this initiative was a successful one.
In its initial year, PresenceLearning was used with approximately 150 students to help them meet their IEP goals. The use of online therapy was well-received by students and parents alike. Because of these positive results, PresenceLearning is now being used by more than 430 students, including pre-K students and students with the most significant cognitive disabilities, across four districts serviced by CKCIE.

"Our students are engaged in the therapy process and making great progress thanks to PresenceLearning and the terrific support teams we have in our districts."

Mike Lowers, Director of CKCIE
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