Hybrid Charter School Provides Students with Online Speech Therapy


Charter School

Trivium Charter School, Lompoc, CA

The Challenge

Trivium Charter School serves 400 K-12 students at three different sites in Santa Barbara County and San Luis Obispo County in California. Since opening in 2011, Trivium Charter School has offered an environment focused on classical learning through courses in history, science, art and music with a unique, hybrid model: students attend one of the three campuses two days per week, and have three days of home study. For the 2012-2013 school year, the school will move to three days of in-class instruction to offer middle and high school students additional help in math.

“PresenceLearning is working really well for us. The kids like it and the parents like the progress their kids are making.”
– Trisha Vais, Director, Trivium Charter School

With a great deal of material to cover during students’ on-site school days, Trivium began looking for an out-of-school solution to provide special services to its students who required speech-language therapy. In addition, parents wanted to have the ability to observe speech therapy sessions so they could reinforce what their child was working on at home.

Choosing PresenceLearning

As Trivium was experiencing some difficulty in finding a speech-language pathologist, one parent whose son had previously used PresenceLearning at the California Virtual Academy, suggested the company as a potential solution. Ms. Trisha Vais, principal of Trivium Charter School, stated that the parent’s feedback was encouraging so she decided to try PresenceLearning at Trivium. “The mother who referred me to PresenceLearning was very complimentary of the program,” said Ms. Vais. “I was a little hesitant at first because I had never heard of a virtual speech session, but once we got it up and running, I became a believer.”

After PresenceLearning got students connected to their live, interactive speech sessions from home, parents were able to sit in on sessions or log in online to see what their student was doing with the speech-language pathologist (SLP). Parents really appreciated having such direct access to their child’s therapy sessions. “A lot of our students came to us because their parents were not happy with the public school system,” said Ms. Vais. “The ability to sit in on their child’s speech sessions is something a lot of them were never given the opportunity to do. With the access PresenceLearning provides, a parent can see exactly what their student is doing and use that knowledge to reinforce those same concepts at home.”

Benefits & Outcomes

The flexibility that PresenceLearning provides has been beneficial to both parents and students. “In a traditional speech session, if your child misses a session, you have to make up that time by either missing a class period or joining a session with another student. In addition, the SLP will need to reschedule a time to visit the school which is often a challenge. With PresenceLearning, all parents have to do is contact the SLP directly and reschedule their child’s session when it works best for them. It is really that easy,” said Vais.

In looking toward next year, Vais stated, “We have more students that we feel could benefit from receiving online speech therapy. We anticipate adding them to the program next year. So far, the kids like it and the parents like the progress their kids are making. It’s working really well for us.”