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The Challenge

The district was unable to fill two vacancies for onsite certified occupational therapists

The Solution

The district partnered with PresenceLearning at the beginning of the 2016-17 school year to deliver online occupational therapy (OT) to students in grades PreK-7

The Results

PresenceLearning worked collaboratively with the district’s onsite OT team to help students meet IEP goals
Having the PresenceLearning therapists and our onsite therapists discuss problem-solving strategies and share best practices together has created a really cohesive relationship and has been a real benefit to our team as a whole.

Jessica Starkweather, district champion of Moses Lake School District

The Story

Of Moses Lake School District

Moses Lake School District, located in central Washington, provides special education services to more than 1,100 students with IEPs. When the district was unable to fill two vacancies for onsite certified occupational therapists prior to the 2016-17 school year, the district partnered with PresenceLearning. In the first year, PresenceLearning delivered online OT to 27 students in grades PreK-7 and, this year, is providing services to 35 students. The district credits its success with online OT in large part due to the collaboration between PresenceLearning and its onsite staff, including its district champion who assists students onsite during sessions, communicates updates to teachers and parents, facilitates scheduling, and more.
As part of this collaboration, the PresenceLearning therapists also participate in the OT department’s professional development sessions and professional learning communities.The district’s strong partnership with PresenceLearning and exemplary use of online OT has helped students meet their IEP goals and resulted in Moses Lake School District being named a winner of PresenceLearning’s 4th annual Awards of Excellence.
The PresenceLearning therapists are great at providing our students with individualized support, as well as activity choices during therapy sessions, so that they are really empowered in their own education.

Darcy Johnson, special service director of Moses Lake School District

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