Results Matter – Closing the Achievement Gap

The PresenceLearning SPED Ahead webinar series has always challenged educators to think differently about the status quo while offering practical strategies for creating positive change in our schools. Last fall, we took an in-depth look at how behavior issues impact the school climate and how schools can address this serious concern. This past spring, we challenged our audience to look within: how do our own attitudes perpetuate seclusion and segregation in schools with both special needs and minority populations?

Now, for our new fall 2016 series, we are exploring the theme of “Results Matter: Closing the Achievement Gap for Students with Special Needs.” After decades of legislation, litigation, research, professional development, and an alphabet soup full of acronyms, the gap remains stubbornly wide. What are the practical realities and what work still needs to be done to make the dream of full achievement for all students come true?

This series will include three speakers who will unpack topics such as:

  1. How policies like RDA and ESSA seek to close the gap
  2. The current state RDA: what has happened, what work still needs to be done, predictions for the future
  3. Factors that contribute to programs like RTI not living up to their promise
  4. Socio-economic factors that impair achievement
  5. How investment in early childhood education helps to guarantee long term student success
  6. How a growth mindset is key to success
  7. Becoming productive members of the community and society: a true measure of achievement