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The special education world is constantly designing new, game-changing initiatives, legislation, research, and interventions. Yet well-intentioned, research-based initiatives can become costly mistakes if there is little incentive to change or implementation lacks fidelity. New methods are at risk without a commitment to realistic evaluation and adjustment. So how can special education leaders architect changes and build enduring practices that benefit all students?

This fall, prepare to move theory into practice as experts Dr. Howard Knoff, Dr. Jeanne Wanzek, and Dr. Carol Ann Tomlinson share lasting constructs for the perennially hot topics of school-based mental health, literacy interventions, and differentiated instruction. You will come away from these 90-minute webinars with new ideas and practical blueprints for success, so gather your colleagues around our virtual webinar drafting table and learn how you can build initiatives that deliver — and endure!

Making it Real: RTI and MTSS for Reading and Reading Interventions

October 26, 2017  10AM PT/1PM ET

Dr. Jeanne Wanzek

A fundamental blueprint for student success in school and in life is the ability to read. Special educators especially appreciate the need for constructs that help students with disabilities acquire literacy skills early in their academic career. Yet, even with hundreds of elementary reading programs and interventions we still have persistent gaps. What type of learning architecture will stand the test of time? Dr. Jeanne Wanzek, a noted expert in MTSS and making interventions work, presents research-based guidance and answers your questions about how to plan and design interventions for students struggling with reading in elementary grades.

Building Academic and S/E/B Progress for All Students

September 19 2017  10AM PT/1PM ET

Howie Knoff, Ph.D.

How do you structure a strong foundation for progress toward increasing academic outcomes and bettering school climate? How can you design a program that reduces referrals and minimizes the need for disciplinary action? Research and practice demonstrate that effective classroom management and student instruction in social, emotional, and behavioral self-management is a blueprint for success! Dr. Howie Knoff shares evidence-based approaches for helping all students learn and demonstrate effective interpersonal, social problem-solving and emotional coping, conflict prevention, and resolution skills. Join us for an engaging presentation and discover how to build staff confidence and students’ self-management skills.

Architecting the Promise of Differentiated Instruction

November 30, 2017  10AM PT/1PM ET

Dr. Carol Ann Tomlinson

A one-size-fits all approach to teaching has been giving way to differentiation, but not without challenges to make it really work. While special educators appreciate the necessity for differentiation, they need help to create a vision for differentiation as an imperative and to understand second order change and how to use a yearly change plan to focus actions. We’ll suggest roles of principal and staff developers in turning ideas into action, explain how to balance patience and impatience and recommend many simple but important dos and don’ts.

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