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The Rise of Behavioral and Mental Health Needs Among Students


Dr. Isaiah Pickens

Licensed Clinical Psychologist Founder, iOpening Enterprises

Introduction by:

Kate Eberle Walker

CEO, PresenceLearning

Educating the “whole child” is easier said than done. School administrators understand that academic growth is impacted by mental health and behavioral needs. Knowing what to do about it is a vastly different thing. We asked Dr. Isaiah Pickens to help outline a framework for supporting school-based mental health services. His mission is to help schools reconcile what they want to do for students with what they can do. This webinar will explore how schools can use targeted approaches, implementation science, and effective strategic planning to tackle the rise of behavioral and mental health needs among students.

About Dr. Pickens

Dr. Isaiah Pickens is the founder of iOpening Enterprises, a mental health and wellness education company that specializes in translating the science of mental health and wellness into practical tools for educators. Dr. Pickens received the American Psychological Association Early Career Achievement Award and the Black Enterprise BE Modern Man award for his contributions to the field of psychology. For more information about Dr. Pickens visit

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