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We partner with schools of all types and sizes to expand OT capacity to serve students with IEPs

Teletherapy Platform

Award-winning FERPA and HIPAA compliant teletherapy platform designed by clinicians for clinicians specifically to serve K-12 students with special needs

How It Works

From school or home, students log into live teletherapy sessions for occupational therapy and assessment

Your Staff or Our Clinicians

Your school-based team and/or PresenceLearning’s network of licensed OTs deliver occupational therapy services remotely

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Our students with autism, who sometimes have difficulty connecting directly with people, are benefiting from—and participating more—with PresenceLearning.

Sherri Coats

Sherri Coats

Public Schools

Parents weren’t sure about teletherapy at first, but as soon as we started, the benefits were evident—and now they are so thankful!

Tweaka Dilek

Tweaka Dilek

Tomball Ind.
School District

I would recommend PresenceLearning to other schools in a heartbeat. I’d say, “Need help with related services? Drop everything and call PresenceLearning!

Tarry McGovern

Tarry McGovern

Kershaw County
School District

A Message from our CEO

“As schools urgently seek solutions to move services online, we want to make sure that students with special education needs are able to maintain therapy services. PresenceLearning clinicians can seamlessly transition their remote therapy sessions with students from school to home without disruption. But we saw that there wasn’t a good solution for school-based clinical teams to quickly transition their own onsite therapy to teletherapy. Over the past ten years we’ve developed a specific expertise in conducting teletherapy sessions for K-12 students and we have a purpose-built platform that is designed by and for clinicians. We realized that the best way we can help right now is to make our platform available more broadly, and to teach school-based clinicians how to approach teletherapy.”

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