Schools Struggling to Provide Online Learning With Insufficient E-Rate Funding

Recently, many public schools have sought E-Rate discounts to help tackle the burden of provide online learning services to students.  However, E-rate applicants — from public schools to libraries — are not satisfied with the amount of funding they’ve received to provide vital online learning services to their students.

Funds for Learning, an E-rate online resource, just released survey results from E-rate applicants across the country gauging their satisfaction with the program. Gathered over two months, responses and the aggregate results will be forwarded to the FCC in hopes of increased funding and proactive e-rate policies.

Here are the key findings:

  • 90 percent of respondents indicate that E-rate funding is critical to their success
  • 40 percent of respondents believe that their current Internet access is adequate
  • 42 percent of respondents indicate that Internet access is the most important category of service in the E-rate program
  • 70 percent of respondents believe that the E-rate program is not adequately funded

An alternative for school districts to consider, as well as parents, is live online speech therapy which has helped both public and charter schools reduce program costs and help students meet their IEP goals faster. One school district can testify to the results–learn more about the Medford School District here.

Source: EdTech Digest