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Learn how you can integrate PresenceLearning into your school, benefit from our award-winning teletherapy platform, and increase your capacity to provide services through our growing network of 1,500+ clinicians.

  • Designed by clinicians for clinicians to serve K-12 students with special needs and behavioral and mental health needs
  • Leverage a secure, online video conferencing that is FERPA and HIPAA compliant
  • Access a library of clinician-approved games and activities
  • Live and self-guided professional development & training
  • Improve staff schedules and efficiency
Headshot of Mike Lowers

“The PresenceLearning platform enables me to reach more students than I would otherwise be able to. I have cut way back on my clinicians’ windshield time so they can spend more time serving students and less time driving. And, I have been able to retain two clinicians who needed to move out of the district for personal reasons.”

Mike Lowers, Former Executive Director, Central Kansas Cooperative in Education
Headshot of Nicole Magee

“PresenceLearning has allowed me flexibility in my work schedule and has also given me an excellent network of support. If I don’t understand something, I feel like I can always find the answer with so many other SLPs working with me, through the Lounge, or through the library.”

Nicole Magee, CCC-SLP
Headshot of Molly Clement

“I think the online service was such a benefit because he was able to slow down his speech. When he would feel uncomfortable or stressed, he would use some of the skills he had learned to calm down and get his words out, and he felt so good about himself—and we just noticed, personally and academically, he was gaining so much. It was amazing.”

Molly Clement, Mother of Elias, Medford, OR
Headshot of Jill Hudgel

“Students feel very comfortable and productive during sessions. It’s great to see students enjoying services and making progress, and it is always huge to be able to provide them something to brighten their day.”

Jill Hudgel, Special Education Coordinator at Townsend Community School

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