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Occupational Therapy for Students

Expand Your Capacity — Leverage Our National Network of Mental Health Professionals

Why PresenceLearning?

PresenceLearning online occupational therapists have successfully serviced thousands of pre-K through 12th grade students with their school-based goals. Our national network of credentialed OTs is available live and online to serve your students one-on-one, in small groups, or with full classroom instruction using the many of the same activities online as they would use in person.

Our therapists provide direct and consultative student services, conduct evaluations, and attend team meetings. Research supports the efficacy of online OT.

Online occupational therapy enables your school district or education agency to:

  • Expand clinical capacity via access to a large network of appropriately credentialed occupational therapists, including specialists and culturally and linguistically diverse OTs
  • Comply with IDEA mandate for Least Restrictive Environment (LRE)
  • Improve staff schedules and efficiency by scheduling times that work for everyone
  • Save time and budget: Eliminate costs and hassles to recruit, screen, contract, train, and manage OTs, pay transportation expenses, or find replacements when clinicians are absent, on leave or no longer with the district
  • Gain insight via online progress monitoring of IEP/504 goals

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How does online occupational therapy work?

PresenceLearning breaks school-based OT into four categories—all of which can be treated by our online therapists. These categories include:

  • Sensory regulation
  • Fine and gross motor skills
  • Visual motor skills
  • School-related self-care skills

The platform includes a full suite of tools, including an interactive whiteboard, fun games, goal-based worksheets, and much more. Online OT can take place in a variety of school settings provided that there is:

  • An Internet-connected computer with speakers or headphones
  • An externally-mounted, adjustable webcam (a second webcam is optional, and enhances the service)
  • Typical OT session materials, including writing tools, scissors, paper, putty, beads, coins, zippers, shoelaces, and more
  • An onsite support person who assembles necessary materials requested by the OT and supports the therapist before and during sessions
  • Space for the student(s) to move around, as needed, and be seen fully by the camera(s)

Which OT evaluations can we conduct online?

Our online therapists perform evaluations using a combination of the following assessments and techniques:

  • Beery-Buktenica Developmental Test of Visual-Motor Integration (Beery VMI)
  • Motor-Free Visual Perception Test – Fourth Edition (MVPT-4)
  • Sensory Profile 2
  • Sensory Processing Measure
  • School Function Assessment
  • Thorough clinical observation of school-related skills
  • Parent, teacher, and student interviews

What do school leaders say?

“Your OT has really brought our son out of his shell. Where others failed for 2 years in person at brick and mortar schools, she came through a computer and engaged my son. He really loves and respects her. Class with her is a reward. He really enjoys it! She has touched our whole family.”

Virtual school parent

“THIS REPORT IS BEAUTIFUL. It is by far the most user friendly and easy to understand OT report I have ever seen in over two decades of work in special education!”

Special education director Located in Washington state

“Your OT is an amazing occupational therapist that has changed both of my sons’ lives.”

OT student parent

Did you know your school team can use our online therapy platform to serve your students?

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