Some Benefits of Online Occupational Therapy You May Not Know About

Rosemarie Helton is a registered and licensed Occupational Therapist.  She has been an Occupational Therapist for over 10 years and has worked in a variety of therapy settings including outpatient pediatrics, inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation and acute care, school district, home health care and online and virtual school settings.

Rosemarie is a just major proponent of online occupational therapy in K-12 schools at down with me for a brief Q&A where we discussed the common misconceptions surrounding online occupational therapy as well as some benefits most are not aware of.

1. What is one major misconception about online occupational therapy that you’d like to address?
I would like to address the misconception that occupational therapy cannot be delivered online using a virtual setting. Most people I talk to think occupational therapy services can only be delivered directly in-person or as a consultative service. Occupational therapy services can be delivered online through a virtual setting and can be very effective and beneficial. It takes an innovative and team approach. This service delivery type encourages the therapist, student and support person (learning coach) to work together to complete therapy sessions and carry over strategies and skills to the natural learning environment.

2. Why is it beneficial for K-12 schools to adopt online occupational therapy?
It is beneficial for K-12 to adopt online occupational therapy to increase access to services. For many students and families traveling to a clinic or even locating a qualified person in their area is difficult and sometime impossible. This is a way for occupational therapy services to be brought directly into the home and academic environment where carryover and consistency can be utilized more effectively. It is cost effective and can be delivered on a day and time that is convenient for the student and the family. Skills, strategies and recommendations practiced and learned during therapy sessions can easily be generalized and utilized in the same environment they are taught.

3. What are some benefits of online occupational therapy that many may not be aware of?
Some benefits of online occupational therapy services that many may not be aware of include increased team/parent involvement, increased carry over of strategies and recommendations in the academic and home environment and access to innovative technology and resources to aide in therapy delivery and overall progress.



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