Something Special Magazine: Speech-Language Therapy Apps

Looking for efficient and interactive ways to teach today’s “always on” students? With the surging use of smart phones and tablets by kids, app developers are responding with a mind-boggling array of educational apps

The recent issue of Something Special Magazine features an article about apps that can further the progress of children in therapy, particularly those in speech-language therapy.

  • Mouth Works, an app created by a Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP), helps children practice mouth movements, vowels, consonants and combinations;
  • Speech Stickers by Serious Tree also practices simple consonant/vowel combinations, and;
  • First Phrases by Hamaguchi lets children record and listen to his or her voice.

These innovative apps highlight exciting new ways for parents and educators to supplement and reinforce kids’ work in speech-language therapy.

PresenceLearning, the leading provider of online speech therapy to K-12 students, uses live video conferencing and interactive activities to deliver online speech therapy services to students. With PresenceLearning, school districts have access to nationwide network of fully licensed, highly qualified speech language pathologists who interact with students in live, online sessions and help students achieve better, faster progress on a wide range of speech-language goals.

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