Inside The World of #SLPeeps: Meet Krysta & Kristine

About “Inside The World of #SLPeeps”
The community of speech-language pathologists and professionals, known as #SLPeeps across social media, is undoubtedly one of the strongest and vocal voices for speech and special education. However, not much recognition is given to this special group.

To change this, PresenceLearning has started the “Inside the World of #SLPeeps” blog series dedicated to spotlighting a SLP every week for their work and contribution to the field. From popular SLP bloggers to our very SLPs in our online speech therapy network, the “Inside the World of #SLPeeps” blog series seeks to help the public understand who SLPs are, what their everyday life is like and the challenges they face helping students with special needs be successful.


Spotlight: Krysta and Kristine, Speak Listen Play   

Combining their experience and insight, Krysta and Kristine run “Speak Listen Play”, a blog and resource with great materials andresources. Both Krysta and Kristine are speech-language pathologists that work with K-8 public school students. Not only does “Speak Listen Play” have great activities for fellow #SLPeeps but their blog also has section called “Parent Resources” to help moms and dads everywhere.

Learn more about Krysta and Kristine in our short Q&A:

1.    How did you make the decision to become a SLP?
Krysta:  Growing up, I always sought out opportunities to work with children. I especially enjoyed working those kiddos that needed extra help or support in different areas. I thought the obvious choice for me was to be a teacher.  However, as I entered college, my parents strongly encouraged me to consider many options before deciding on a major. I job shadowed in the schools and in various health professions. After my day with the Speech-Language Pathologist, I knew immediately it was the perfect fit! It opened the door for a variety of opportunities to work with children (and had great job prospects J)
Kristine: Both of my parents were teachers and I have always loved working with children (babysitting, teaching Sunday school, etc). A career in education seemed like a natural choice for me when I started college. I started college with a major in Special Education. While completing some observation hours, I met a Speech-Language Pathologist who subsequently prompted me to change my major. Watching and speaking with her about speech therapy, particularly about the diversity within the field inspired me follow this path. After my introductory course, I was hooked!

 2.    What are the highs and lows of being a SLP?
Krysta: There are so many great things about being an SLP, but for me the overarching theme is the children. They are why I love what I do. The joy they bring to school every day is contagious! The lows of being an SLP….I think we would all agree…the paperwork!
Kristine: The best part of my job is that I get to help children communicate! It is very rewarding to know I have made a difference in someone’s life J One of the things I don’t quite love is all the paperwork.

3.    What advice do you have for “SLP2Bs”?
Krysta: Be confident in your foundational skills and knowledge of the field. You are well-prepared! But, if there is an area you need support in, ask! Ask your mentor or other SLPs. The #SLPeeps community is a wonderful resource with many professionals willing and ready to help out.
Kristine: I was so nervous the first day of my CFY. A seasoned coworker told me to “fake it till I make it”. I would repeat the saying in my head to help boost my confidence. Eventually the nerves wore off and I no longer had to say this.  On a more serious note, utilize your resources. Take advantage of all of the information, resources, ideas and materials that ASHA, the SLP blogging community, TeachersPayTeachers, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter offer. This also includes other SLPs -don’t be afraid to ask questions.

4.    How would you describe the #SLPeeps community?
Supportive, smart, and creative – #SLPeeps has allowed us to connect with so many wonderful people who share our enthusiasm for all things speechie! The support and knowledge this community provides is awesome. We love being able find inspiration, ask questions, and bounce ideas around.

5.    What else would you like fellow #SLPeeps to know about you and/or your blog
Speak Listen Play is the product of a goal we shared to connect with parents and professionals. It was designed to be a resource for parents, professionals, teachers, our families and friends, (anyone interested J) to learn more about speech and language development as well as provide various activities and strategies to help improve communication skills. It is a place where we can share our own ideas for all things speechie!