Delivery of Special Education Related Services During School Closures


Kristin Martinez

Clinical Director, PresenceLearning

Glendora Tremper

Coordinator, Special Education, Springs Charter Schools

Kate Eberle Walker

CEO, PresenceLearning
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As the need for social distancing is prompting extended school closures across the country, school districts are considering new ways to keep students connected and engaged in school activities. Because continuity is especially important for students who receive special education-related services, PresenceLearning is hosting this webinar to support districts who are looking to deliver these services to students via in-home teletherapy.

You’ll walk away with:

  • An understanding of how to quickly get your special education team up and running online to deliver services to students at home

  • Online platform tools and features required to provide the best experience for your clinicians and students

  • Best practices for managing the delivery of teletherapy to homes, and facilitating parents' and students' participation

  • What parents need to know

Presenter Bio

You’ll hear from PresenceLearning’s Clinical Director, Kristin Martinez, who speaks and advises regularly on teletherapy best practices for schools, families, and therapists. And, you'll learn from Dr. Glendora Tremper, Coordinator, Special Education at Springs Charter Schools, about how they quickly transitioned their school-based special education team to online delivery of services.

Please Note: We do not offer continuing education opportunities for on-demand webinars; however, viewers will receive a certificate of attendance.