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Clay Whitehead

Co-Founder, PresenceLearning

There is a growing need for OT (Occupational Therapy) for K-12 students. School district leaders are now poised to benefit from the use of web technology to deliver online occupational therapy services remotely into educational settings. And while the technology to deliver online occupational therapy is available, school administrators have many questions about how online occupational therapy works and about its effectiveness in helping students overcome a range of physical challenges related to illness, injury or disabilities. Watch, listen and read an introduction to the topic and get an overview of efficacy research for online occupational therapy delivery. You’ll also hear the perspective of a leading OT researcher and the front-line perspective of a therapist who delivers online occupational therapy.


Rosemarie Helton is an Arizona-based licensed occupational therapist with over ten years of experience as an OT in a variety of settings, including schools, and she has over a year of experience delivering online OT services.


Rondalyn Whitney, PhD, is assistant professor of Occupational Therapy at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is the author of several books, including Bridging the Gap and A Writer’s Tool Kit.


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