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Are all the children well?

November 16, 2021

In her latest article, Kelly Wolfe provides insight into the mental health crisis among children today. She shares the latest resources from the Department of Education and explains how we can use them to support children better and why this work is urgent. 

Creating a Community of Belonging

November 17, 2021

Recently we sat down with Shanelle Reese, Chief People Officer at PresenceLearning, for the second installment of her quarterly insights for our “PresenceLearning with a Purpose” series.

A Student-Centered Solution for Mental Health in Schools

We spoke with Stephanie Taylor, Ed.S, NCSP, clinical director of psychoeducational services at PresenceLearning, about the role schools can play in meeting the need to expand mental health services for children.

Cultivating A Climate of Care

Across the country schools have reopened, along with a fresh wave of concern for the COVID-19 Delta variant. At the same time, another concern is plaguing educators: a growing mental health crisis among young people. 

Four Reasons to Innovate with Teletherapy

In rural school districts, time is valuable and budgets are tight. As executive director of the Central Kansas Cooperative in Education (CKCIE), Mike Lowers turned to teletherapy to solve critical challenges. Here Lowers describes four reasons why he chose to innovate with teletherapy.

The Benefits of a Hybrid Service Delivery Model

Quite a few students and teachers choose alternate online school settings—virtual schools. However, the pandemic forced many districts and

Clinician Spotlight: Theresa Boen, Ed. S.

Theresa Boen, Ed.S., attended Anderson University in Indiana for her undergraduate degree followed by the University of Northern Colorado

Video Story: Central Kansas Cooperative in Education

July 22, 2021

Watch our new video, “Reaching Students in a ‘Different Way’ with Online Therapy,” and hear what Central Kansas Cooperative in Education’s school team has to say about how an innovative approach to therapy has changed the school experience for staff and students alike.

Clinician Spotlight: Jessica G.

Introduction Jessica G., MA, LSSP, attended the University of Texas—Pan American, now called the University of Texas Rio Grande

Three Predictions for Special Education

July 2, 2021

A rethinking of how we do school is underway, and some of the possibilities bring with them exciting new opportunities for students and staff alike to get the most out of a school day. In the field of special education and related services, an online therapy solution is looking like a key piece for solving the complex puzzle—and during the past year, many in the school community have turned from skeptics to believers.

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