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3 Key Metrics Every SPED Director Needs to Know

Are you able to easily answer parents’ questions about their child’s progress toward IEP goals? Do you know why

The Power of Play: “Floortime Therapy” for Children with Autism

The importance of playtime for children is a given. The benefits of bonding, having fun, and opportunities to learn

Avoiding the Summer Slide in Students with Special Needs with Extended School Year Services

“Knowing that my students are spending valuable time engaging with the best therapists available, and that accurate data is

Common Core and the Role of Speech and Language Skills

The purpose of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) is to ensure college and career readiness for all students

“Changing Minds” Webinar Recap: “Preventing Problem Behavior in Schools” with Dr. Barry Prizant

This week, thousands of special education directors, coordinators, teachers and specialists joined Dr. Barry Prizant, a widely recognized, leading

5 Tips from Dr. Temple Grandin

Autism expert Dr. Temple Grandin shared a wealth of insights on the autistic brain in a recent webinar with

Changing Minds Webinar Recap: “The Autistic Brain” with Dr. Temple Grandin

Last week, thousands of special education administrators, educators, and parents joined PresenceLearning for its inaugural “Changing Minds” webinar, featuring

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