Speech Pathology Can Improve Ariculation Impairment

Speech Pathology Can Improve Ariculation ImpairmentChildren affected by articulation impairments often have a great amount of difficulty during their social and educational development. Individuals who have trouble pronouncing words, speak with a lisp, or have difficulty in communicating are suffering from an articulation impairment. These impairments can be caused by a variety of reasons and is noticeable in the forms of lisps, substituting letters, or even stuttering. Affected children may have learned something at an early age that was never corrected and it just became the norm for them. Kids have a have a way of being brutally honest with each other regardless of of how much damage it can do to one’s psyche. Even if this is not done in a vicious manner, but pointing out another child’s obvious challenges can cause some social anxieties for that child at a very young age.

Once an articulation impairment is recognized there are several routes that the parents can choose in order to address the problem and try to correct it. If the problem is merely with certain words, parents may be able to do drills with their child that will get them out of the habit that they have developed and allow them to progress their speech normally. Often the problem is beyond what a parent can handle and in these cases it is always best to seek the help of a speech pathologist.  A speech pathologist will use several techniques to improve the speech of their patient. They will evaluate and come up with a plan that will be specifically tailored to that case and then work with the child to address their particular issues. By going through drills, showing proper tongue positioning for pronunciation and repeating vocabulary, there will be slow and steady progress.

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