Speech Pathology Expert Barbara Dahm Talks about Online Stuttering Therapy

In a ten-minute interview with the Israel News Agency, Barbara Dahm, the director of the Communication Online Stuttering Therapy Institute, talked about her unique approach to helping more than 2000 clients overcome their stuttering problems. She developed a method called Dynamic Stuttering Therapy that teaches clients how to give up conscious control over speech production and to embrace a more natural way of speaking. Dahm theorizes that stutterers exert too much control over speech production, which in turn causes them to stutter more. Instead of trying to manipulate the rhythm, rate, or smoothness of their speech, Dahm guides clients to use more natural methods to create speech. The amazing aspect of this is that patients can receive Dynamic Stuttering Therapy completely through online sessions with certified SLPs. Dahm says that the online stuttering therapy is effective and convenient for clients because they don’t have to waste time and money on travel—she insists that online speech therapy can “flow into their real lives”, helping them conquer their stuttering issues.

  • ‘I don’t think the stammer is my main feature’ (guardian.co.uk)
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