Inside The World of #SLPeeps: Meet Nicole of Speech Peeps

Speech Peeps Nicole Allison

Spotlight: Nicole, Allison’s Speech Peeps   
Even though this SLP blogger joined the #SLPeeps blogosphere just last year, Nicole Allison’s blog, Speech Peeps is filled with great content for SLPs and parents. As a SLP, Nicole works with public school students in 13 grades. Nicole also provides private therapy after school. Despite her heavy schedule, Nicole always finds time to update Speech Peeps which we admire her for.

Learn more about Nicole and “Allison’s Speech Peeps” in our short Q&A:

1. How did you make the decision to become a SLP?
Going into education has always been the dream for me. I was the child who saved all her allowance to buy school supplies so that I could play school with my siblings. I had speech therapy when I was in 5th grade to change my “wabbit” to “rabbit” =).  From this experience, I was able to “model” and work with other students, some who were in special education. From then on, I’ve had a passion for working with students having special needs.

2. What are the highs and lows of being a SLP?
Because I work mainly with groups of around 3 students, I am able to see a side of them that teachers who work with upwards of 25 students can miss out on. They confide in me, laugh with each other and come out of their shells when they enter the “speech room.” The downside to this is that I am the person who hears about their sometimes very sad lives. Counseling can be a very real part of our job and I carry this with me after I leave work.

3.    What advice do you have for “SLP2Bs”?

  • Be prepared to be flexible! Schedules change constantly, after-school meetings are scheduled sometimes on Friday afternoons and a technique that is not working needs to be tweaked sooner rather than later. This is a great thing about our job but it will definitely keep you on your toes!
  • Find your passion. Whether it’s working in the schools or in a medical setting, students with hearing impairments or autism, if you love what you do, it rarely feels like work.

4. How would you describe the #SLPeeps community?
The community that I have online with the #SLPeeps has been a life-saver to me-literally! Since I am the only SLP at my district, it can feel very isolating at times. Now, with so much support just a click away, I know I can ask any question, find tons of resources and grab up new materials at any given time. This community of professionals has made me ultimately, a better SLP.

5. What else would you like fellow #SLPeeps to know about you and/or your blog?
If you’re thinking of getting more involved with blogging or the online community, then do it! I still remember last June sitting outside contemplating the “ridiculous” idea of starting my own blog. “I have nothing that anyone will want to read about!” I thought. However, each of us comes with different experiences. I want to know what you’re doing in your therapy room. An easy way to start is by choosing a few blogs or facebook/twitter profiles and offering comments. Set aside time once per week or have a goal of starting during the summer. When we share, every student benefits.

About “Inside The World of #SLPeeps”
The community of speech-language pathologists and professionals, known as #SLPeeps across social media, is undoubtedly one of the strongest and vocal voices for speech and special education. However, not much recognition is given to this special group.

To change this, PresenceLearning has started the “Inside the World of #SLPeeps” blog series dedicated to spotlighting a SLP every week for their work and contribution to the field. From popular SLP bloggers to our very SLPs in our online speech therapy network, the “Inside the World of #SLPeeps” blog series seeks to help the public understand who SLPs are, what their everyday life is like and the challenges they face helping students with special needs be successful