Study Demonstrates the Efficacy of Online Diagnosis of Speech Disorders

Although telepractice has been recommended by ASHA as an effective method for delivering speech therapy, some experts have wondered if diagnosis of speech disorders was also possible via videoconferencing. A 2006 study conducted by researchers at the University of Queensland suggests that online diagnosis of childhood speech disorders is not just possible—it can actually become a reliable method of assessing speech disorders. The researchers asked a face-to-face and online clinician to separately examine and diagnose six young children with speech disorders. The result? The clinicians exhibited high levels of agreement, especially in the area of speech intelligibility, where their scores were 100% in agreement.   Online diagnosis is not right for all patient populations, but this pilot study reveals the potential for online assessment of speech disorders to become an accurate and reliable service for those who do not have access to face-to-face therapy.

  • Long waiting lists for speech-language pathologists in Alberta (
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