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Study on the Use of Internet-Based Telerehabilitation for the Assessment of Motor Speech Disorders

This joint pilot study conducted by professors at the University of Queensland and doctors from Prince
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lexandra Hospital in Brisbane, Australia  sought out to explore the feasibility and effectiveness of an Internet-based telerehabilitation application for the assessment of motor speech disorders in adults with acquired neurological impairment. Researchers used a counterbalanced, repeated measures research design to evaluate how 2 speech-language pathologists assessed 19 speakers with dysarthia on a battery of perceptual assessments. These assessments utilized a 19-item version of the Frenchay Dysarthia Assessment, the Assessment of Intelligibility of Dysarthic Speech, perceptual analysis of a speech sample, and an overall rating of the severity of the dysarthia.

One assessment was conducted in the traditional face-to-face method and the manner, whereas the other assessment was conducted using an online, custom-built telerehabilitation application. The results found that the measurements of severity of dysarthia, percentage intelligibility in sentences, and most perceptual ratings made in the telerehabilitation environment were found to fall within the clinically acceptable criteria. Researchers used this evidence to conclude that the online assessment of motor speech disorders using and Internet-based telerehabilitation system is feasible and that with the additional use refinement of the technology and assessment protocols, reliable assessment of motor speech disorders over the Internet is possible. For more information on this important study please click here.

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