New Approaches to Aphasia Therapy

  Challenging Aphasia Therapies, edited by Judith Felson Duchan and Sally Byng,  introduces a variety of new approaches to aphasia therapy by breaking away from traditional models. Originally published in May of 2004, the book was ahead of its time in that it challenged and reassessed many assumptions that had previously been taken for granted

Teletherapy Enables Medicine to Go Global

Technology is changing the way speech, language and hearing therapy is delivered and speech pathology graduate programs across the country are starting to incorporate therapy techniques via videoconferencing into their curriculum. Professor Gail Ramsberger, chair of the Speech, Language Hearing Sciences at the University of Colorado has taken steps to begin teaching graduate courses on

Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Apraxia of speech is a disorder that is often misunderstood and can be sometimes confused with aphasia. We recently came across a great article at IHealthDirectory.com that provides basic information on childhood apraxia. The article is quick to point out that childhood apraxia of speech is a neurological disorder that affects a child’s speech but

Constraint Induced Aphasia Therapy

The Aphasia NYC Blogger is a great source for all things Aphasia and is authored by Dr. Dorothy Ross, the founder of Aphasia NYC.  One of the site’s latest posts highlights a video of Constraint Induced Aphasia Therapy for stroke patients. The study is a joint collaboration between the Drake Center Rehab Hospital and the

Patients of The Visiting Nurse Service of New York Home Care Rate Telepractice Highly

In 2006, The Visiting Nurse Service of New York piloted the Speech Telehealth Program in Manhattan. Since the inception of the program, more than 200 patients with speech-related difficulties have been treated through telepractice sessions. The program has managed to treat diverse patients, with conditions ranging from post-stroke communication disorders and neurogenic dysfunctions to Parkinson’s

Study Shows Online Diagnosis of Aphasia is Reliable and Accurate

The advent of telepractice can be particularly helpful to patients with aphasia. Because aphasia is a language disorderInternet-based assessment and treatment of aphasia though, patients no longer have to worry about the inconvenience of attaining long-term treatment. A 2008 study demonstrated that online assessment of aphasia type and severity level is remarkably accurate. The researchers