Congrats, Dr. Grandin!

This month, Dr. Temple Grandin, Colorado State University professor of animal sciences, esteemed author and world-renowned autism spokesperson – and friend of PresenceLearning – was one of 10 women to be inducted into The National Women’s Hall of Fame! Past nominees include the likes of Madeleine Albright, Maya Angelou, Susan B. Anthony, Hillary Rodham Clinton,

Grateful Parent Shares Son’s Story

One of the best parts about working with kids who have special needs is seeing their progress and hearing from their families about their successes. A note from “W’s” mom recently made our day. W is an eight-year-old boy who has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, sensory processing disorder, ADHD, and vision problems. His

Helping Different Kinds of Minds Solve Problems: Dr. Grandin at SXSWedu 2016

World-renowned autism expert Dr. Temple Grandin is no stranger to public speaking as she tours the world talking to educators about the importance of understanding autism’s effect on the brain. She’s even hosted a webinar for PresenceLearning called “The Autistic Brain” (you can watch a full-length recording of her webinar here). Earlier this month, Dr.

Top 10 SPED Videos of 2015

Video production is a non-stop effort from PresenceLearning, whether for recordings of our webinars, videos of schools, students, and families, or demos of our services. Since the beginning of the year, educators, families, and clinicians have watched our videos 53,291 times, nearly 10,000 hours of total viewing time! If you are up for some binge-watching over

People You Should Know in the World of Autism

Last month, the PresenceLearning team had the distinct pleasure of hosting one of the world’s leading authorities on autism (and frequent webinar presenter) Dr. Barry Prizant for an afternoon of fun, informative, and inspiring conversation. One question Dr. Prizant is regularly asked while on the road is “Who else should I be following to learn more

Dear Colleague: Students with Autism May Need More than ABA

When it comes to determining which therapy services a student with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) may benefit from, specialists are quick to jump to applied behavior analysis (ABA). While some research supports ABA, there are other approaches to treatment like Dr. Barry Prizant’s Uniquely Human approach that help students as well. And what about other

Dr. Barry Prizant in Conversation with Clay Whitehead

Our fifth and final Special Agents of Change webinar “Uniquely Human: A Different Way to See Autism and Create Pathways to Success” with one of the world’s leading authorities on autism, Dr. Barry Prizant, covered a new perspective and approach to understanding and treating students with autism. After the webinar, our co-founder and co-CEO Clay

Better Understand Autism with Help from Dr Barry Prizant’s New Book: Uniquely Human

By Megan Mead Dr. Barry Prizant has been a researcher, clinician, consultant, and has received ASHA’s highest recognition. We have been lucky enough to hear him speak several times as part of the SPED Ahead webinar series from PresenceLearning. He has recently written “Uniquely Human: A Different Way of Seeing Autism” (with Tom Fields-Meyer, an

Q&A With Dr. Marty Burns

Our third Special Agents of Change webinar “The New Science of Learning: Effective Approaches for Older Students with Autism and Attention Disorders” with ASHA Fellow and neuroscientist Dr. Marty Burns concluded with an informative Q&A portion centered around the current research and tools available for building cognitive function in those individuals with attention disorders or

Creating a Flexroom for Students on the Autism Spectrum

This post is by guest contributor Amy Gaffney, M.A., CCC-SLP. Amy is an Autism Consultant for Non-Public Schools for Southside Special Services of Marion County in Indianapolis, Indiana. The teachers in Metropolitan School District (MSD) of Decatur Township were concerned about a select group of students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  These students were struggling to be successful