childhood speech disorders

Speech Pathology Can Improve Ariculation Impairment

Children affected by articulation impairments often have a great amount of difficulty during their social and educational development. Individuals who have trouble pronouncing words, speak with a lisp, or have difficulty in communicating are suffering from an articulation impairment. These impairments can be caused by a variety of reasons and is noticeable in the forms

Stuttering Stories

We were touched by the stories we read on LaTrobe University’s iStutter website. One story in particular caught our attention. Laurence, a thirteen-year old stutterer, wrote about how he was often embarrassed and frustrated when giving in-class presentations or even talking to his friends. His parents sent him to intensive speech therapy, where he gained

Kids Blog About Stuttering

We recently discovered the Kids Speak Stuttering Blog, a blog designed to encourage children with stutters to express themselves. Here are some of the blog entries that we found compelling: Entry 1: Hello my name is D .H and i stutter sometimes i feel like i am alone but i know i got people who

Children Draw Pictures Representing “What it Feels Like to Stutter”

The following images are children’s pictorial representations of their stuttering problems: By D.H., age 8 By A.L. By Caryn, age 14 At Presence TeleCare, we realize the distress that speech impediments like stuttering cause for children and adults alike. Our hope is that telepractice will deliver more effective speech therapy to those who desperately need

Maddy’s Speech Therapy Sessions Reveal the Potential of Telepractice

Here is a short, interesting video clip of a speech therapy session between a young girl named Maddy and her mother. Maddy’s mother is not a certified speech therapist herself—in fact, she received online assistance from an SLP, who guided her with instructions for conducting therapy sessions. Maddy could not receive professional face-to-face therapy because

Study Demonstrates the Efficacy of Online Diagnosis of Speech Disorders

Although telepractice has been recommended by ASHA as an effective method for delivering speech therapy, some experts have wondered if diagnosis of speech disorders was also possible via videoconferencing. A 2006 study conducted by researchers at the University of Queensland suggests that online diagnosis of childhood speech disorders is not just possible—it can actually become