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American Rescue Plan: Funding Explained…for Schools and Students

, By Jenny Barker

May 12, 2021

A recent webinar featuring presenters from Whiteboard Advisors, The School District of Lee County in Florida, and PresenceLearning provided participants with an in-depth review of what the American Rescue Plan means for stud...

Optimizing Distance Learning for Students with Special Needs

, By Jenny Barker

April 26, 2021

In the wake of sudden school closures triggered by COVID-19, districts across the country struggled to adjust rapidly to keep students learning. Early in the pandemic, educators predicted that this crisis would have a prof...

Deploying a Trauma-Informed Approach: Use the 4 R’s

, By Isaiah Pickens

March 9, 2021

As school leaders and educators, being equipped to deal with heightened and varying degrees of behavioral and mental health challenges—feelings of isolation, anxiety, grief, and much more—among all of our students is curren...

One Year into the Pandemic: Embracing Teletherapy for the Future

, By Jenny Barker

March 8, 2021

With the one-year mark of school shutdowns approaching, we have a lot to reflect upon. This year, districts across the country demonstrated resilience and embraced digital solutions to ensure that students receive the conti...

Compensatory Services Strategies in Three Steps

, By Jenny Barker

March 1, 2021

The impact of school closures upon students may well be an issue for years to come. For students with special needs, learning loss and regression due to a lack of services during the pandemic necessitate “compensatory servi...

CooleyED Virtual Event: COVID-19’s Impact on Edtech in K-12; Lessons for the Future

February 3, 2021

Listen in as Kate Eberle Walker, CEO of PresenceLearning, joins a panel of investors and entrepreneurs in discussing the impact they saw from virtual learning on edtech companies and investment in the space, as well as t...

Upcoming Presentation Helps School Districts Address their Backlog of Psychoeducational Assessments due to Pandemic

, By Jenny Barker

February 9, 2021

For school districts trying to address their backlog of evaluations, PresenceLearning, the leading provider of live online special education related services for K-12 schools, is hosting, “Remote Evaluations: Learn How P...

Looking to June: Top 5 Priorities for Superintendents

, By Jenny Barker

February 9, 2021

This article is the first in a series, developed in partnership with Dr. Avossa, to help schools address pressing issues for their students now—and plan for ongoing uncertainty (and maybe even some opportunities) in the ...

PresenceLearning Teletherapy Essentials Wins Two Leading Education Awards

, By Jenny Barker

December 22, 2020

PresenceLearning, the leading provider of live online special education related services for K-12 schools, received two top education awards for Teletherapy Essentials, its teletherapy and tele-assessment training and t...

Voice Strain: A Side Effect of Pandemic Work Life

December 11, 2020

This article was co-written by Kate Eberle Walker, CEO of PresenceLearning, and Sydney Kumin, MA, CCC, a speech-language pathologist (SLP) at PresenceLearning. In this article, the authors explore the realities of voice...

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