Dr. Frances Stetson

Dr. Frances Stetson in Conversation with Clay Whitehead

The first webinar in our Success for Every Learner: From At-Risk to Successful webinar series was led by one of the nation’s leading consultants on inclusionary practices, Dr. Frances Stetson. During “Inclusion is for Every Learner – Or Is It?,” Dr. Stetson discussed inclusionary practices and inappropriate identification of students for special education services. Her

Q&A with Dr. Frances Stetson

Our fourth Special Agents of Change webinar “5 Easy Ways to Fail in Education” with special education expert Dr. Francis Stetson focused on five major shifts in the thought and practice required of today’s school leaders. After the webinar, our co-founder and co-CEO Clay Whitehead sat down with Dr. Stetson to address a few questions