Dyslexia Intervention: Sooner = Better

Researchers from the University of California, Davis (UC Davis) and Yale University found that early intervention has a huge impact on students diagnosed with dyslexia. Based on their findings, the researchers say that waiting until a child is in third grade or later before diagnosing dyslexia and implementing intervention tactics is unacceptable and can have

Creating Continuity After Early Intervention

This post is the second in a series based on a transcript from a recent Q&A with Dr. Barry Prizant as part of his webinar, “Family Collaboration: An Essential Element for SPED Success.” Questions came directly from audience participants — special education directors, special educators, speech-language pathologists, and parents, and answers are from Dr. Prizant.

Important Facts on Children and Speech or Language Impairments

If you’re looking for some basic information on adolescent speech or language impairment then check out this informative article at Disabled World. The article outlines the definition of a speech or language impairment, the difference between speech and language, the education of speech-language pathologists and a few basic facts on speech/language impairments. The article is