Software Engineer, Systems Integration

Why is this role important? You rarely find startups that require the horsepower of an ESB architecture, but that’s the precise challenge that we face. Our expansion into healthcare requires this level of abstraction and we’re looking for an engineer who is up to the task of designing and building a cloud-based ESB from scratch.

Software Engineer, Frontend

Why is this role important? Our mission is to deliver the absolute best experience for people who need to connect and receive services from allied health professionals.We believe that people simply deserve a better experience compared to what they’ve been accustomed to in healthcare. We are looking for a smart, talented frontend engineer looking for

Software Engineer, Developer Operations

Why is this role important? We are looking for our first DevOps hire to design, build, and own all aspects of our developer infrastructure. Our small-but-mighty engineering team is executing on an ambitious roadmap and we are in dire need of automation among other infrastructure initiatives. This is a vital role on our team especially

Software Engineer, Backend

Why is this role important? “A shiny car is nothing without a good engine,” says Francois Gaudin, one of the stellar engineers on our development team, when asked this question. As a company, we have an ambitious vision a to enter new markets and to dramatically expand our product offering. This growth requires support across