famous people with speech difficulties

Carly Simon and Tavis Smiley Discuss how they Overcame their Stutters

In a 2008 interview with Tavis Smiley, Carly Simon discusses what it was like growing up with a severe stutter and how she learned to overcome it using rhthym and song. Simon describes her mother teaching her how to “speak with rhythm” as a means of helping her communicate. As Simon jokes, “I learned to

Lee Woodruff Discusses Her Family’s Experiences with SLPs and Audiologists

Lee Woodruff’s life was turned upside down in 2006 when her husband Bob, the co-anchor of ABC’s World News Tonight, suffered a traumatic head injury from a roadside bomb while reporting on the Iraq War. After his brain injury, Bob could barely speak or remember the names of his children. He endured months of intense

Annie Glenn, John Glenn’s Wife, Says “Life is Beautiful” after Speech Therapy

Here is a video clip of Annie and John Glenn discussing the miraculous improvement in Annie’s speech difficulties after HCRI therapy. Prior to HCRI therapy, Annie had stuttering problems and felt reluctant to call friends and family or even to go shopping for fear of not being able to communicate with store clerks. After stuttering