INFOGRAPHIC: PresenceLearning Progress, People, and Play

The end of the year is the traditional time for self-reflection: What are you doing well? What are you grateful for? What can you do better? As 2015 comes to a close, we’ve been doing exactly that. While we always strive for continuous improvement, we also found much to celebrate: our one-millionth session, exceeding national

Dr. Temple Grandin: A Special Breed of Hero (INFOGRAPHIC)

Dr. Temple Grandin is an inspiration to people with autism and their families all over the world. A highly accomplished professional in the field of animal science — she is a professor at Colorado State University and has designed over half of the livestock processing facilities in North America — Temple has written numerous books

The ABC’s of Special Education (INFOGRAPHIC)

Every industry has its own specialized language and set of acronyms, and special education is no different. Do you ever get lost in this alphabet soup? Test your knowledge or use our latest infographic as a handy reference of 33 special education acronyms. (Parents and colleagues will thank you.) Download a Copy Embed This Graphic