Karin Koukeyan

English Language Learner Issues Part 1: How to Determine When Your Student Needs a Bilingual Evaluation

By Karin H. Koukeyan “Lorena” is a fourth grader who is struggling in Reading Comprehension and Language Arts. She was born in the US and has been in the US school system since Kindergarten, but her teacher notes that she has difficulty finding words when answering questions in class. Lorena uses very simple sentence structures in her writing and

Determining Who’s Appropriate for Telepractice: Working with Kids with Cognitive Impairments

By Karin H. Koukeyan “Joey” is a five-year old student with Down syndrome, who is nonverbal and primarily uses signing with some vocalizations to communicate. You are the teletherapist assigned to his school site and on the first day of therapy, the school staff voices major concerns about Joey participating in speech and language services

Top 5 Tips for Leading an IEP Meeting Remotely

By Karin H. Koukeyan The Individualized Education Program (IEP) meeting is an essential part of the special education experience for school professionals. It allows members of the entire team to come together and develop a plan that focuses on the individual student’s needs. But wait a minute, you say. I’m not an in-person service provider. I’m