Mental Health

Unsettling Trend: Thousands with Special Needs Caught Up in the Juvenile Justice System

“Across the country, students with emotional disabilities are three times more likely to be arrested before leaving high school than the general population.” “The vast majority of adults in American prisons have a disability, according to a 1997 Bureau of Justice Statistics survey. Data hasn’t been updated since, but experts attribute the high percentage of

Filling the Need for Counseling Services in Schools

As a lifelong educator and former ESE Director, I’ve seen the consequences firsthand of students who suffer academically, socially and emotionally due to inadequate counseling resources in schools. The research is clear: a strong, healthy mental outlook is critical for students to perform academically — and to be successful in their lives. Yet, an estimated

An Unexpected Success

At the end of the school year, professionals working in education often recount their successes. Oh sure, we have the usual student “graduations” from Speech, a new school assignment,  a hard-won new or improved employee benefit, or maybe even an expanded supplies budget. As long and as hard as I searched through my various sources,

Great Book- Understanding Developmental Language Disorders

Understanding Developmental Language Disorders by Courtenay Frazier Norbury, J. Bruce Tomlin and Dorothy V.M. Bishop is a book worth adding to your Christmas list if you don’t already own a copy. Children are diagnosed with Diagnoistic Language Disorders (DLD) when they fail to develop his or her native language without any apparent reason. This disorder

Breakthrough Study Demonstrates Telerehabilitation Methods are Effective in the Assessment of Apraxia

A recent study conducted by Anne Jane Hill of the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia  documents the advantages using telerehabilitation to assess apraxia of speech in adults. A number of prior studies have been conducted proving that the remote use of information technology and telecommunication systems are effective in assessing speech and language skills