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The Practicalities and Benefits of Online Occupational Therapy (SPEDcast Recap)

Educators often have questions about online occupational therapy. Is it effective? What does it look like? How can you do it? It can be difficult to visualize how OT can work online. The simple fact is, occupational therapy is exactly the same online as it is onsite, and very little special technology or equipment is

Transcript from Get a Grip on Online OT Q&A

Due to laryngitis, our scheduled SPEDcast, “Get a Grip on Online OT,” was cancelled this morning. Instead, our presenters, OT Advisor to PresenceLearning Robyn Chu and OT Clinical Coordinator Elizabeth Haas, joined VP of Marketing Katie Povejsil in an online Q & A session, fielding questions from the many Special Education Directors, Special Education Coordinators,