Provider Spotlight: Jessica L.

Introduction Jessica L., MA, CCC-SLP, joined the PL Care Network in 2020 What inspired you to become an SLP? You could say I fell into the family business. My dad is a retired school administrator. He was not only my middle school principal, he was also the assistant superintendent at my district. My mom is

Clinician Spotlight: Leah W

Leah started working as an SLP in 2017, and started with PL in January, 2019. How has the PL online platform enabled you to help your students and the schools you serve in new ways? With the PL platform I am able to organize my therapy sessions and activities more efficiently, which allows for better-run

Provider Spotlight: Kim Priola

Kim Priola, M.C.D., CCC-SLP, is a Louisiana native, born and raised in South Louisiana in the New Orleans area where she still lives today. She did her undergraduate studies at Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, Louisiana, and attended Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in New Orleans for her M.C.D in Communication Disorders. Kim enjoys

Provider Spotlight: Cheryl Messier

Before joining PresenceLearning, Cheryl Messier, CCC-SLP, practiced speech-language pathology for 19 years in K-5 in public schools. She’s been working with PresenceLearning since 2016. We sat down with Cheryl to talk about her work as a teletherapist. Could you walk us through your daily routine? A “day in the life of a PL therapist” if

Top 10 SPED Videos of 2015

Video production is a non-stop effort from PresenceLearning, whether for recordings of our webinars, videos of schools, students, and families, or demos of our services. Since the beginning of the year, educators, families, and clinicians have watched our videos 53,291 times, nearly 10,000 hours of total viewing time! If you are up for some binge-watching over

Building Strong Relationships Between Online SLPs and Onsite Staff

Telecommuters know the value of strong communication with their colleagues who work in the office. Email, phone, chat and online meetings all contribute to keeping the team informed and helping to build relationships. The same holds true for online speech language pathologists (SLPs), who often work hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of miles from the school

NYT: When to Worry if a Child Has Too Few Words

We have heard from many anxious parents who worry how well their children’s speech and language skills are progressing at an early age. Given the increasing prevalence of autism and learning disabilities and with progress difficult to specifically quantify, we certainly understand their concern. Here’s some interesting insight from pediatrician Perri Klass in today’s New

Why Speech-Language Pathology?

Did you know that there are approximately as many speech-language pathologists in the United States as there are dentists? A surprising piece of information given the lack of public attention the speech pathology profession receives. The following quote from pathologist Megan Hodge describes why she believes the field of speech therapy is special, “A career

British SLP Talks about How Speech Therapy Works and Who it Benefits

Here is an informative video clip of Michelle Morris, a British SLP, explaining how speech therapy works. She emphasizes that communication difficulties can happen to anyone at any point in their lives. Morris points out that although speech therapy cannot cure all communication problems, interventions at key points in people’s lives can make a big

A Day in the Life of a Speech Language Pathologist

Here is an interesting video of some SLPs talking about their work experiences in the Prairie Lakes school district of Iowa. The SLPs discussed their expanding roles in schools. For example, more SLPs are providing consultative services to teachers and helping children develop their language skills, such as reading comprehension and vocabulary. One SLP even