Speech disorder

New Study Provides Insight into Human Capacity for Language

A new study has shown that a small mutation in the gene FOXP2 is responsible for the human capacity for language. The study, published in the November 12th edition of Nature, is the result of a collaboration between researchers at UCLA and Emory University‘s Yerkes Primate Research Laboratory. According to researchers, FOXP2 regulates the expression

Important Facts on Children and Speech or Language Impairments

If you’re looking for some basic information on adolescent speech or language impairment then check out this informative article at Disabled World. The article outlines the definition of a speech or language impairment, the difference between speech and language, the education of speech-language pathologists and a few basic facts on speech/language impairments. The article is

Kids Blog About Stuttering

We recently discovered the Kids Speak Stuttering Blog, a blog designed to encourage children with stutters to express themselves. Here are some of the blog entries that we found compelling: Entry 1: Hello my name is D .H and i stutter sometimes i feel like i am alone but i know i got people who

Survey- Who is your favorite actor with a speech disorder?

Who is your favorite actor who has dealt with a speech disorder? Click Here to take survey

Oklahoma School Superintendent Says Telepractice Program is a “Great Success”

A 2006 article in The ASHA Leader reported that a speech telepractice program was successful in reaching out to students in rural areas of Oklahoma. The program, called Speech TeleTherapy, utilizes interactive teleconferencing and a document camera called “Elmo” that makes it possible for students to view lessons and play language-oriented board games during therapy