speech pathology

Provider Spotlight: Robyn Raye

Robyn Raye, M.A., CCC-SLP, grew up in a small town in northern New Jersey. After graduating with a degree in liberal arts, she pursued a master’s degree in speech-language pathology and worked in private practice for several years. In 2009, she moved to Florida, where she has since worked for the public school system. In

Provider Spotlight: Nova Quinn

Nova Quinn, CCC-SLP, began hearing about teletherapy while attending graduate school in San Francisco. She moved to Providence, Rhode Island after graduation in 2012 and started working in a public school five days a week. She was really interested in trying out teletherapy.  Because she finished her public school days early at 2 pm Eastern

Speech Pathology Can Improve Ariculation Impairment

Children affected by articulation impairments often have a great amount of difficulty during their social and educational development. Individuals who have trouble pronouncing words, speak with a lisp, or have difficulty in communicating are suffering from an articulation impairment. These impairments can be caused by a variety of reasons and is noticeable in the forms

Why Speech-Language Pathology?

Did you know that there are approximately as many speech-language pathologists in the United States as there are dentists? A surprising piece of information given the lack of public attention the speech pathology profession receives. The following quote from pathologist Megan Hodge describes why she believes the field of speech therapy is special, “A career

Advancements in Speech Language Pathology

The advent of modern technology has led to recent breakthroughs in the research and treatment of speech disorders. Speech and language conditions are normally the result of an injury, head trauma, developmental delays, injury, emotional issues, and brain conditions. A recent article posted on Tgees.com, highlights a variety of recent advancements in the treatment of

Recession Affects The University of Florida’s Communication Science Departments

A recent article in Advance for Speech-Language Pathologists & Audiologists details how the state budget shortfall in the state of Florida has caused the school to consolidate two communication science departments to form the largest academic program of its kind in Florida. The department of the communication sciences and disorders in the College of Liberal