From Struggles to Speeches: How Representative Frank Wolf Overcame His Stutter

During his general speech at the U.S. House of Representatives this past spring, Representative Frank Wolf (R-VA) spoke about the importance of seeking help for stuttering. Rep. Wolf is composed and delivers his prepared speech so well that no one would suspect he stutters. Back in 2009, PresenceLearning interviewed Rep. Wolf about his personal experience

Presence TeleCare Interviews Congressman Frank Wolf

Last week we had the pleasure of interviewing Congressman Frank Wolf of Virginia, who has overcome severe stuttering problems to become one of the most respected members of the House of Representatives. We have posted our entire interview below and have also included a video of Frank discussing his experience stuttering. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Presence TeleCare: Frank

Carly Simon and Tavis Smiley Discuss how they Overcame their Stutters

In a 2008 interview with Tavis Smiley, Carly Simon discusses what it was like growing up with a severe stutter and how she learned to overcome it using rhthym and song. Simon describes her mother teaching her how to “speak with rhythm” as a means of helping her communicate. As Simon jokes, “I learned to

Stuttering Stories

We were touched by the stories we read on LaTrobe University’s iStutter website. One story in particular caught our attention. Laurence, a thirteen-year old stutterer, wrote about how he was often embarrassed and frustrated when giving in-class presentations or even talking to his friends. His parents sent him to intensive speech therapy, where he gained

Blogger Discusses the Psychological Side of Stuttering

In a recent blog post, a blogger called “Stuttering Jack” offers his opinion on how stuttering increases people’s anxieties and destructs their confidence. He suggests several methods for treating the negative psychological effects of stuttering,such as cognitive behavior therapy and neuro linguistic programming. Overall, the blog offers valuable resources on stuttering, including information on stuttering

How did you become a Speech-Language Pathologist?

We recently came across a great blog post written by Holly Kaiser, co-founder of Progressus Therapy. In her post, Holley describes how her own struggles with speech led her to pursue a career as an SLP rather than training to become a veterinarian. Holley’s story especially touched our staff to the point where we felt

Closet Stutterer Finally Comes Out

We recently came across a blog about Sophie, a woman who has tried to conceal her stutter for years. We were moved by the honesty and expressiveness of her voice. For instance, this is an excerpt from her blog entry for June 25, 2007: “The thought of opening my mouth to speak without first analyzing

Kids Blog About Stuttering

We recently discovered the Kids Speak Stuttering Blog, a blog designed to encourage children with stutters to express themselves. Here are some of the blog entries that we found compelling: Entry 1: Hello my name is D .H and i stutter sometimes i feel like i am alone but i know i got people who

A Poem About Stuttering

We encountered the following poem about stuttering on the The Stuttering Student blog and wanted to share. We hope that you are as touched as we were by its poignant message. Speech impediment, walking around as this world wide idiot. Sharing, talking and flowing, oh how I can only wish. These teeth, tongue and lips,

Indie Film, Rocket Science, Features Stuttering Character

On a lighter note, here is the trailer for Rocket Science, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2007. The movie’s main character, Hal Hefner, is a stuttering high school boy who decides to join the debate team when its star debater, Ginny, recruits him.  He attempts different methods to overcome his stutter during