Children Draw Pictures Representing “What it Feels Like to Stutter”

The following images are children’s pictorial representations of their stuttering problems: By D.H., age 8 By A.L. By Caryn, age 14 At Presence TeleCare, we realize the distress that speech impediments like stuttering cause for children and adults alike. Our hope is that telepractice will deliver more effective speech therapy to those who desperately need

Speech Pathology Expert Barbara Dahm Talks about Online Stuttering Therapy

In a ten-minute interview with the Israel News Agency, Barbara Dahm, the director of the Communication Online Stuttering Therapy Institute, talked about her unique approach to helping more than 2000 clients overcome their stuttering problems. She developed a method called Dynamic Stuttering Therapy that teaches clients how to give up conscious control over speech production

Annie Glenn, John Glenn’s Wife, Says “Life is Beautiful” after Speech Therapy

Here is a video clip of Annie and John Glenn discussing the miraculous improvement in Annie’s speech difficulties after HCRI therapy. Prior to HCRI therapy, Annie had stuttering problems and felt reluctant to call friends and family or even to go shopping for fear of not being able to communicate with store clerks. After stuttering