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Teletherapy is Successful in Treating Patients with Cognitive Disorders

Here is a video of patients discussing their positive experiences with cognitive teletherapy. The patients use a system called the CSI Teletherapy System, a computer program with mentally challenging exercises to stimulate new neurological connections in users. Patients who have used this teletherapy system have recovered from post-stroke-related cognitive issues and other neurological disorders without

Indie Film, Rocket Science, Features Stuttering Character

On a lighter note, here is the trailer for Rocket Science, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2007. The movie’s main character, Hal Hefner, is a stuttering high school boy who decides to join the debate team when its star debater, Ginny, recruits him.  He attempts different methods to overcome his stutter during

British SLP Talks about How Speech Therapy Works and Who it Benefits

Here is an informative video clip of Michelle Morris, a British SLP, explaining how speech therapy works. She emphasizes that communication difficulties can happen to anyone at any point in their lives. Morris points out that although speech therapy cannot cure all communication problems, interventions at key points in people’s lives can make a big

A Day in the Life of a Speech Language Pathologist

Here is an interesting video of some SLPs talking about their work experiences in the Prairie Lakes school district of Iowa. The SLPs discussed their expanding roles in schools. For example, more SLPs are providing consultative services to teachers and helping children develop their language skills, such as reading comprehension and vocabulary. One SLP even

Speech Pathology Expert Barbara Dahm Talks about Online Stuttering Therapy

In a ten-minute interview with the Israel News Agency, Barbara Dahm, the director of the Communication Online Stuttering Therapy Institute, talked about her unique approach to helping more than 2000 clients overcome their stuttering problems. She developed a method called Dynamic Stuttering Therapy that teaches clients how to give up conscious control over speech production

Annie Glenn, John Glenn’s Wife, Says “Life is Beautiful” after Speech Therapy

Here is a video clip of Annie and John Glenn discussing the miraculous improvement in Annie’s speech difficulties after HCRI therapy. Prior to HCRI therapy, Annie had stuttering problems and felt reluctant to call friends and family or even to go shopping for fear of not being able to communicate with store clerks. After stuttering

Maddy’s Speech Therapy Sessions Reveal the Potential of Telepractice

Here is a short, interesting video clip of a speech therapy session between a young girl named Maddy and her mother. Maddy’s mother is not a certified speech therapist herself—in fact, she received online assistance from an SLP, who guided her with instructions for conducting therapy sessions. Maddy could not receive professional face-to-face therapy because

More Schools Adopting Telemedicine

A CBS News video clip highlighted the shift that many schools are making from traditional health care services to telemedicine. In Rochester, NY, eleven daycare centers and seven schools are now using telemedicine to connect to ten doctors’ offices in the city. Through online platforms, nurses can diagnose minor illnesses and infections in children—the Rochester