Tech Requirements for Schools - PresenceLearning
Purpose Outbound Ports Domains
PresenceLearning web applications and services TCP 443 *
Hosting for therapy content such as static PDFs, images, documents, and media assets TCP 443 *
Real-time data sychronization for joining sessions, therapy activities, therapy environment management, and collaboration features TCP 443 *
Hosting for third-party assets and libraries TCP 443
Security certificate verification TCP 443
Live video chat during therapy sessions TCP 443
Live video chat during therapy sessions UDP 3478 *
Purpose Outbound Ports Domains
For the best possible video chat experience and may be required on networks with congestion issues UDP 1025-65525 *
Purpose Outbound Ports Domains
PresenceLearning Support Services chat TCP 443 *
Therapy content from YouTube TCP 443 *
Allows the student to browse the web under the therapist’s supervision TCP 443 *
Training videos for school staff TCP 443 *
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