Telemedicine and Telepractice Show Great Promise for Improved Services

A recent article on the HealthWorks Collective website recaps an article in The Hill titled “Why telemedicine must become a healthcare priority in America.” The article, written by U.S. Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX) and Louisiana State Senator Sharon Weston-Broome (D), discusses the importance of telemedicine in the American healthcare system.

The benefits of telemedicine can greatly impact communities nationwide. Johnson and Weston-Broome stated that telemedicine practices can bring healthcare to all areas with broadband internet access, thus offering healthcare to those who may not have had it before. They also stated that telemedicine is already reducing healthcare costs where it is being implemented because doctors can monitor vital signs remotely and can consult with distant specialist.

Similar benefits apply to telepractice, or online speech therapy. Telepractice provides SLPs to schools that are experiencing shortages and may not have access to a face-to-face SLP. Like telemedicine, telepractice allows remote monitoring of student progress. Telepractice is also reducing therapy costs by decreasing travel times and making SLP services available where and when they are needed most..

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